SliceOmatic - Slice-O-Matic no way to contact them by e-mail

Tampa, Florida 0 comments
Not resolved

The food chute and slicing blade locking part need to be re-work and a difference design due the easy to break the locking part.I was only have had this for two week as a gift and both of them broke.

Yes I did read the Instruction Manual before using it. If you want I will gladly sent you the part and look for yourself.You want me to say more about this silceomatic will it dose a ok mjob and maybe if the part quit breaking then I would like. Thank-you Fred A Destree.

SliceOmatic - Said my gift certificate was invalid,what bull

Cincinnati, Ohio 0 comments

i ordered the slice 0 matic and it gave me a gift certificate of 20 dollars ,i tryed to use it and it tells me its invalid and the experationg date is 5/24/2012. i called 3 times ,than they said we will turn it over to corporate,and havent heard a word from them...bunch of fraudulent ppl here.i called 3 times and get foreignors who you cant understand,its so hard to do business this way.i'm a good customer,well,up to here i was,not going to be in the future.ty.done

SliceOmatic - Slice-O-Matic

Waukegan, Illinois 1 comment

They took a unauthorized Slice-o- my credit card!! Free Gift BULL-DO-DO!!!

I ordered one, ONE slice-o-matic . When I checked my e-mail, I get a confirmation for 3. I called 3x and each time the would take care of the issue. Then someone called me back and had me on hold for 22 min.

came back from who knows where. (the *** cooler) and told me "oh, that shipment already shipped, you will have to call another number. So 4 different phone call's later I am stuck with 3 pieces of c__p! and out




Biggest piece of junk I've had the displeasure of trying to use.Won't slice anything; and julienne?

Ha, what a joke! Was a gift from my mother, so I can't even ask for a return. Won't try anything else from Telebrands.

Just junk, I think!:(

SliceOmatic - Messed my order up and charged more

Baltimore, Maryland 0 comments

i ordered the slice a matic, it was confusing , credit card information, wanted one slice a matic with one free. order end up 4 slice a matic total 73.95. charged for 3 , plus got charged for jewelry $47.90 i did't not want had to cancell. i only got one @20.00 gift certificate should have been two. even had the order in my son's name but my credit card and address.brantley--baltimore, md 21215

if you ordered 2---39.98, shipping 6.99+6.99= 13.98 on each set.--total 4 shice a matics.====$67.94.

i called back and was credited $10.00 if i keft the order.. ($63.95.)

SliceOmatic - Slice o matic tried to charge me for 3 slicers. WRONG!!!

Purchase, New York 1 comment

saw ad on tv sat,7,2012, slice-o-matic for 19.99 & s&h for 6.99.I had a feeling I should not call but did anyway.

should have gone with that feeling. checked with my bank today and found a charge for $76.97 a far cry from $26.98. customer service guy said I ordered the deluxe version, didn't even know they had one. he went on to tell me I ordered I extra plus I more for $10.00.

what a crock of you know what.

He also said it had been processed and could not stop it now.I have to wait 2 weeks or more and send it back!!



No, Slice O Matic DID charge you for 3 slicer, RIGHT! hahahahahaha, and you paid, hahahaha.

SliceOmatic - I ordered the Slice-O-Matic on Dec. 3rd.

Waterloo, Iowa 3 comments

I ordered the Slice-O-Matic on Dec.3rd.

I was charged for two instead of one. I am unable to find someone to talk to about this plus I have not received my shipment. Would you please provide me an answer of some sort. My order number if 5141085, Diane Slattenow.

I printed a piece from the inter-net but referred to a 90-day money back guarantee through National Express in CT. However, they do not have a web site or phone number. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

I ordered one of these and an additional one was free.I got charged $67.94.

Thank you for your help.



1800 777 4034.They are rude and will not letyou talk.

Evensupervisors. Good luck. I am going through it now. Never ordered of tv, didn't know better, now my bank account is over drafted and I have no Christmas too offer my friends.

Report it to your bank our credit card, but they will come in and take theed money again.I don't see how those people at the phones lives with themselves, screwing period out of their money


Contact your credit card company. There is a deadline, so get moving.


Only suckers buy from late night infomercials or QVC. You get what you pay for.

SliceOmatic - Slice o matic

Mobile, Alabama 0 comments
Not resolved

I placed an order for a slice o matic in October 2011.I never received a confirmation in my email inbox or my spam box about the order.

I assumed the order never went through because my credit card was not charged. I received a postcard in Novemebr stating that the slice o matic had been on back order and if I no longer wanted the item to sign and return the postcard within 30 days. I signed the postcard and returned it. On November 23 my credit card was charged $36.78 for the slice o matic, I contacted Telebrands after being on hold for 30 mins waiting for a customer service rep to answer.

He stated that the item had been shipped and I would need to wait and return it with the return number issued. How is that you have full knowledge of my credit card number to charge it, but you have no records of my information in the system as to when I placed the order? I will never order another product from the AS seen ON tv. Bed Bath and Beyond have all the products in store and there is no shipping and handling fee which is where they get you on these inexpensive products.

An item that is $19.99 turns out to be $36.78 by the time you add shipping and handling and tax.

at BBAB a $19.99 item is only $21.94 with tax which is a $14.84 savings.Telebrands is a complete rip off.

SliceOmatic - Odered 2 items. Charged for 4 items.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 0 comments

I will never order form this company again.The phone experience was time consuming and annoying with all the offers to spend more money.

All I wanted was the item advertised on TV. After being on the phone for an eternity and when I was finally able to hang up they called, yes a living human with a voice, and offered more products I did not want the first time. Finally, when the order arrived and I was expecting to pay the advertised price they doubled the order without my permission and the price was doubled! Never, never again!!!!!!

This also doubled the processing fees and shipping!!!!Again, I will never deal with this company.

Review about: Unreasonable Charges.

Charged more than advertised on SliceOmatic.

Dallas, Texas 0 comments
Not resolved

I am very unhappy because the TV commercial advertised 2 SliceOmatics for $19.99 if ordered that day.I ordered and was charged $29.99 each!

This company advertises many items on the channel I view most often and I often have considered purchasing some of the items. When I finally did I received the merchandise right away only to discover that they had charged me more than the offer stated on the TV commercial.

The charges added up on the invoice including shipping came to $76.88 and they charged $76,97 even on that!I will not order from this company again.

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